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Welcome to the Choir's Corner page. Here you will find music for the choir that Victoria will post to help you practice the mass parts, psalms, alleluias, etc... To play a file, just left click the link. If you would like to download the file to your computer instead, right click the link and from the menu that appears choose to save the file. Depending upon which browser you are using, the choice is worded differently. For IE the choice is usually "Save target as..." and FireFox and Google Chrome use "Save link as...." If you have trouble playing a file, please email the webmaster. To hear past, live recordings from special mass services click here to go to Music Ministry page.

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Advent and Christmas pieces

1 Advent Communion Antiphon.m4a
2 Advent Communion Antiphon .m4a
3 Advent Communion Antiphon .m4a
4 Advent Communion Antiphon .m4a
A Child is Born - unison.wav
Alma Redemptoris Mater.m4a
Angels We have Heard - Alto.wav
Angels We have Heard - Bass.wav
Angels We have Heard - Soprano.wav
Angels We have Heard - Tenor.wav
Be Consoled - Alto.wav
Be Consoled - Bass.wav
Be Consoled - Soprano.wav
Be Consoled - Tenor .wav
Blessed Are You - Tenors .wav
Blessed Are You - Alto.wav
Blessed Are You - Bass.wav
Blessed Are You - Soprani.wav
Christmas Psalm, Today - Alto.wav
Christmas Psalm, Today - Bass.wav
Christmas Psalm, Today - Soprano.wav
Christmas Psalm, Today - Tenor.wav
Gaudete Alto.m4a
Gaudete Soprano.m4a
Gaudete Tenor and Bass.m4a
Go Tell - Bass.wav
Go Tell - Tenor.wav
Go Tell - alto.wav
Good Christian Friends - Alto.wav
Good Christian Friends - Bass.wav
Good Christian Friends - Soprani.wav
Good Christian Friends - Tenor.wav
Good King - Alto.wav
Good King - Bass.wav
Good King - Soprano.wav
Good King -Tenor.wav
Hark the Herald - Alto.wav
Hark the Herald - Bass.wav
Hark the Herald - Tenor.wav
Hodie - Alto - Three Part.m4a
Hodie - Lower Part - Two Part Organum.m4a
Hodie - Tenor Bass - Three Part.m4a
Hodie Christus .m4a
Infant Holy - Alto.wav
Infant Holy - Baritone.wav
Infant Holy- Soprano.wav
Joy to the World - Alto.wav
Joy to the World - bass .wav
Joy to the World - tenor.wav
Lo How A Rose - Bass.wav
Lo How A Rose - Soprano.wav
Lo How a Rose - Alto.wav
Lo How a Rose - Tenor.wav
Love has Come - Alto.wav
Love has Come - Bass.wav
Love has Come - Soprano.wav
Love has Come - Tenor.wav
O Come All Ye Faithful - alto.wav
Of the Fathers Love - unison.wav
Oh Come All Ye Faithful - Bass.wav
Oh Come All Ye Faithful - Tenor.wav
Puer Natus - Full Score.pdf
Puer Natus - Melody Only.MP3
Puer Natus - Melody with Singing.MP3
Puer Natus - words only.MP3
Resonet in Laudibus .m4a
Silent Night - Alto.wav
Silent Night - bass.wav
Silent Night - tenor.wav
Sing we Now of Christmas - unison.wav
Unto Us a Boy Is Born - Unison.wav





Lent and Easter pieces

As I have Done for you - unison.wav
At the Lambs High Feast - unison.wav
Attended Domine.wav
Ave Regina Caelorum .m4a
Awake At Last - Alto.mp3
Awake At Last - Bass.mp3
Awake At Last - Soprano.mp3
Behold - Alto.wav
Behold - Bass.wav
Behold - Soprano.wav
Behold - Tenor.wav
Cast Thy Burden - Alto.m4a
Cast Thy Burden - Bass.m4a
Cast Thy Burden - Soprano .m4a
Cast Thy Burden - Tenor.m4a
Christ Our Pasch .m4a
Christ The Lord 520.m4a
Come You Faithful - Alto.wav
Come You Faithful - Bass.wav
Come You Faithful - Soprano .wav
Come You Faithful - Tenor.wav
Forty Days - Alto.wav
Forty Days - Bass.wav
Forty Days - Soprano.wav
Forty Days - Tenor.wav
God So Loved - Tenor.m4a
Hail Thee Festival Day - unison.wav
Jesu Rex - Alto.m4a
Jesu Rex - Bass.m4a
Jesu Rex - Soprano .m4a
Lord Who - Alto.wav
Lord Who - Bass.wav
Lord Who - Soprano.wav
Lord Who - Tenor.wav
My Song is Love Unknown - unison.wav
Pange Lingua - English.wav
Parce Domine.wav
Psallite Deo 726 Alto.m4a
Psallite Deo 726 Bass.m4a
Psallite Deo 726 Soprano .m4a
Psallite Deo 726 Tenor.m4a
Regina Caeli 519.m4a
Reproaches Chant Sections.m4a
Reproaches Choral Alto.m4a
Reproaches Choral Bass.m4a
Reproaches Choral Soprano.m4a
Reproaches Choral Tenor.m4a
Servant Song Alto.m4a
Servant Song Bass.m4a
Servant Song Sop.m4a
Servant Song Tenor .m4a
The Strife - Alto.wav
The Strife - Bass.wav
The Strife - Soprano.wav
The Strife - Tenor.wav
These Alone Suscipe Alto.m4a
These Alone Suscipe Men.m4a
These Alone Suscipe Soprano .m4a
Ubi Caritas 694.m4a
Were you there - Tenor.wav
Were you there - alto.wav
Were you there - bass.wav
Were you there - soprano.wav
When I Survey- unison.wav
When I survey the Wondrous cross- melody.wav
Wondrous Love - Choral - Alto.m4a
Wondrous Love - Choral - Soprano .m4a
Wondrous Love - Choral - Tenor and Bass.m4a

Live Recordings

Mass parts

Songs in Latin


Corpus Christi Psalm Sop.wav
Corpus Christi psalm alto.wav
Corpus Christi psalm bass.wav
Corpus Christi psalm tenor.wav
Easter Day Psalm - alto.wav
Easter Day Psalm - bass.wav
Easter Day Psalm - tenor.wav
Easter Day psalm soprano.wav
Easter Vigil psalm 2 bass.wav
Easter Vigil psalm 2 tenor.wav
Easter Vigil psalm 3 bass.wav
Easter Vigil psalm 3 soprano .wav
Easter Vigil psalm 3 tenor.wav
Easter Vigil, Psalm 1 bass.wav
Easter Vigil, Psalm 1 soprano.wav
Easter Vigil, Psalm 1 tenor.wav
Easter Vigil, Psalm 1, alto.wav
Easter Vigil, psalm 2 alto (1).wav
Easter Vigil, psalm 2 soprano (1).wav
Easter Vigil, psalm 3 alto .wav
Feast of Christ the King (and First Sunday of Advent) Psalm - Alto.MP3
Feast of Christ the King (and First Sunday of Advent) Psalm - Bass.MP3
Feast of Christ the King (and First Sunday of Advent) Psalm - Soprano.MP3
Feast of Christ the King (and First Sunday of Advent) Psalm - Tenor.MP3
Fourth Sunday of Advent Psalm - Alto.MP3
Fourth Sunday of Advent Psalm - Bass.MP3
Fourth Sunday of Advent Psalm - Soprano.MP3
Fourth Sunday of Advent Psalm - Tenor.MP3
Good Friday Psalm - all parts.wav
Holy Thursday psalm - all parts.wav
Psalm - fourth Sunday of lent - alto.wav
Psalm - fourth sunday of lent - bass.wav
Psalm - fourth sunday of lent - soprano.wav
Psalm - fourth sunday of lent - tenor.wav
Second Sunday of Advent Psalm - Alto.MP3
Second Sunday of Advent Psalm - Bass.MP3
Second Sunday of Advent Psalm - Soprano.MP3
Second Sunday of Advent Psalm - Tenor.MP3
Second Sunday of Easter Psalm and Alleluia, all parts.wav
Third Sunday of Advent Psalm - Alto.MP3
Third Sunday of Advent Psalm - Bass.MP3
Third Sunday of Advent Psalm - Soprano.MP3
Third Sunday of Advent Psalm - Tenor.MP3
Thirtieth Communion - Alto.wav
Thirtieth Communion - Bass.wav
Thirtieth Communion - Sop.wav
Thirtieth Communion - Tenor.wav
Twenty Eighth Communion - Alto.wav
Twenty Eighth Communion - Bass.wav
Twenty Eighth Communion - Sop.wav
Twenty Eighth Communion - Tenor.wav
Twenty Ninth Communion - Alto.wav
Twenty Ninth Communion - Bass.wav
Twenty Ninth Communion - Sop.wav
Twenty Ninth Communion - Tenor.wav

Special Pieces

youtube Videos

This is the fourth movement from Bach's cantata "Wachet Auf," and is nearly identical to our arrangement of "Sleepers, Wake!" They are singing in German, and some of their rhythms are a little different, but the spacing and texture is very similar.

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