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Are you new to Visitation?

We want you to know how welcome you are. Won't you please join us and be part of our Catholic community by registering at Visitation Parish. Registration forms are available at the vestibule, left door as you enter the main entrance of the church, also available are small white envelopes at the back of the pews. Fill out the form and place it in the collection basket. You may also call the parish office at 253 473-4960 we are pleased to help you. Click here for the History of the Church of the Visitation.

Online Giving (Click to enroll or learn more now)

Visitation Church now participates in Online Giving. This is a great way to contribute to your church and give back a little of what God has blest you with. The process is very secure and safe to use. Why should you take advantage of this option you ask? Well below are just a few reasons.

Reasons to sign up for Electronic Giving:
  • No need to write checks or bring cash to church.
  • Peace-of-mind knowing that the church is receiving your contribution even if you are unable to attend.
  • More secure than checks.
  • All contributions are recorded for you on your bank statement with date of settlement.

Click here to enroll or learn more now

Read the Catechism or the Gospels in a Year! (right from your email)

Are you interested in growing in your faith? Have you wondered what actually is in The Catechism of the Catholic Church, or wanted to dig deeper into the Gospels? There are two new opportunities to do just that!

Beginning this Advent, you can sign up to either Read the Catechism in a Year, or Read the Gospels in a Year through daily portions delivered to your email inbox!

To sign up or learn more, click on the links below.

Read the Catechism in a Year  --   Read the Gospels in a Year


  • Read the Catechism in a Year - That's right. We'll be starting over from the beginning (using the YouCat) with the same format we've been doing and cover the whole catechism in a year.
  • Read the Gospels in a Year - I'm so excited about this one. We'll be using the amazing Ignatius Study bible (with commentary)! And you'll get a little, short bit of one of the 4 Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) from the Bible each day, including helpful commentary to study it. It's going to change your life.

Catholics Come Home

All parishes are in need of volunteers to take up the ministry of WELCOMING! If you feel the call to join in this ministry, please contact the Rectory at (253)473-4960.

New Requirements/Charity for Tax Deductions

If you are in the habit of giving loose change in the collection basket, and you hope to claim a charitable deduction for your giving to our parish you should either start giving by check or start by using the collection envelopes. Part of the recently passed "Pension Protection Act of 2006" requires the donors be able to substantiate their charitable gifts with written proof-either cancelled checks (if under $250) or a statement from the charity, listing the date and amount of each donation. The parish office can arrange to have the collection envelopes sent directly to you (at no cost to you). Just contact the Parish office: 253 473-4960.


Would like to express their gratitude to you for your support for all that we do together. All too often people do not realize the extent of their financial donations and volunteer time, make such a great difference. Your support made possible the Moment of Blessing at homicide sights, Hilltop Action Coalition, Paint Tacoma/Pierce Beautiful, the Mental Health Chaplaincy, Project Interdependence, CommUniversity, the Channel, Severe Weather Shelter, our Emergency Shelter Assistance Program, Faith Partners Against Family Violence, Open Heart Ministries, the Family Emergency Fund, Pierce County Hunger Walk, advocacy on behalf of lower income persons and many other activities. You help to maintain the table where we come together as people of Faith, the table where we share ideas, pray and plan together. We thank you for your support and encourage your continuing engagement with our work together of stepping out in faith " to build a community that is humane, compassionate and just."


Right here in Washington state 286,000 children will suffer from hunger and 1 in 7 children lives in poverty. Source: Center on Hunger and Poverty. Thank you for your donations each week to our food bank. Food Bank coordinator Joan Boehm and her devoted volunteers put together 30 bags of groceries each week! These groceries help our parishioners and neighbors in need. Each year at this time our food bank gets very low on supplies and the following items are needed; cereal, peanut butter and jelly. If each of us brought "1" item in each week we could continue to feed the hungry in our area.

Catholic Community Services
Providing Help. Creating Hope

In caring for those of us who are poor,
In sheltering those of us who are homeless, and
In protecting those of us who are vulnerable or oppressed,
We are helping people in need strengthen and rebuild their lives.

Please give generously to Catholic Community Services and the Archdiocesan Housing Authority so we can continue to provide services to the most vulnerable among us.

Many parishioners have heard of home care and may even know some basic information about it. But too many parishioners are not taking advantage of this unique long term care option simply because they don't fully understand what home care is or how to pay for it.

Now, those who want help in determining whether home care is right for them can simply call CCS using the toll free number 1-877-870-1582 and ask for a FREE in home assessment! This offer is too good to pass up!


Servers are needed for Holy Mass. Anyone from Grade 5 to adults are welcome. Contact the Church office at 253-473-4963.

Choose life and opportunity for poor children…

Every 43 seconds another child is born into poverty in the U.S. That child's life will be diminished by hunger, poor education and limited health care. Yet for some kids, future risks are quickly extinguished because every 53 minutes, a child in this country dies from the effects of poverty. It doesn't have to be that way. As Catholics, we are compelled to act for justice by promoting life from conception through natural death. The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is helping children and families gain better lives by addressing the root causes of poverty. Choose life and opportunity for America'' children --support the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, sponsored by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Visit to learn more. CCHD receives funding through the Build Hope collection in our parish in September.

Reminder about Envelopes

If you are using the white envelopes found in the pews, please be sure to write your full name not just the family name if you want your donation properly recorded. It helps me to better identify who the gift is from, thank you for your assistance with this bookkeeping item.

Tune into AM 1050 - Catholic Radio

The Puget sound area has its own Catholic radio station, Sacred Heart Radio AM 1050! Tune in for daily devotionals, news, music, teachings of the Faith, and live call - in programs. For more information, log on to Or call (425) 867-2340 or check our bulletin board for more information!

Support Visitation School with Scrip & eScript!!

If you have yet to use Scrip here's how easy it is. Plan your next week or two on Saturday. Are you going to the movies? Are you renting a movie? What is your weekly spending at the grocery store, the gas station, and local department stores? What about going out o lunch or dinner? No one will do all of these each week, but probably most of you will do some of it each month. After Mass stop by the Scrip table. Pick up gift cards for Safeway, Fred Meyer, Top Foods restaurants and gas stations. Once you try it you will be hooked! Think how nice it is not to have to worry about writing a check, checking ID, etc. Just take out the card and swipe it! Your cash register tape even tells you the balance in the card. The scrip program is an easy way to show support and doesn't cost you a thing! Give it a try!

Introducing eScript. Just register your credit/ATM/Debit cards and purchase goods from participating merchants and a certain percentage goes to Visitation School. Click here for more details and how to sign up.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Serve at the Lord's Table by becoming an Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister! The only requirements as specified under the Archdiocese of Seattle are;

  1. You must have received the three initiation sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist.
  2. You must regularly join the Faith Community for the celebration of the Eucharist and be willing to share your Christian Life with others which includes socializing with our community during the 3 times the Eucharistic Ministers turn to host coffee and doughnuts on Sundays.

Please contact the Parish Office at 253-473-4960, leaving your name & phone #. You'll be contacted to set up a convenient time for a short training session.

Down town at Nativity House

Could you and would you spare a thought and prayer for God's creatures on the street. No home, no hygienic necessities, no clean socks, underwear and men's attire. If you can, please help. It may seem like nothing to you, but your donations can make a difference to those who are in desperate need of them. Thank you!


As we begin a New Year, we are looking for additional new volunteers who would be willing & available to help with our Funeral Reception Ministry of Visitation Parish. Receptions are held Monday through Saturday.

These are the duties:

  • Set tables
  • Make coffee / tea
  • Put food on a large table
  • Cut the cake
  • Clean table when people are finished
  • Conduct general clean up of the premises when events is over
  • Be a welcoming representative of the Visitation Parish.

If you are a new volunteer, there will always be an experienced individual that will gladly guide you along. If you feel called to this Ministry, please contact the Parish Office at 253-473-4960.


For more information, please visit Project Rachel on Catholic Community Services. More abortion information available on the Seattle Archdiocese website.

*NOTE: PDF documents require Adobe® Reader® in order to view them. If you don't have it, click here for the free download.

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