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Fr. Nicholas Wichert

Part of our responsibility as a Catholic is to inform ourselves of our faith so that we can better explain it to others. As St. Peter tells us, "Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope." (1 Peter 3:15)


100 Answers to Your Questions about Annulments
Edward N. Peters (Needham Heights, MA: Simon and Schuster Custom Pub., 1997)

Answering Jehovah's Witnesses
Jason Evert (San Diego, CA: Catholic Answers, 1999)

By What Authority? An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition
Mark P. Shea (Huntington, N: Our Sunday Visitor, 1996)

Catholics and the New Age
Mitch Pacwa (Ann Arbor, MI: Servant Press, 1992)

Crossing the Tiber: Evangelical Protestants Discover the Historical Church
Stephen K. Ray (San Francisco, CA: Ignatius Press, 1997)

God and the Cosmologists
Stanley Jaki (Washington, DC: Regnery Gateway Press, 1989)

In the Beginning
Joseph Ratzinger (Huntington, IN: Our Sunday Visitor, 1990)

Surprised by Truth
Patrick Madrid, ed. (San Diego, CA: Basilica Press, 1995)

What Catholics Really Believe
Karl Keating (San Francisco, CA: Ignatius Press, 1995)

When Mormons Call: Answering Mormon Missionaries at Your Door
Isiah Bennett (San Diego, CA: Catholic Answers, 1999)

Where We Got the Bible: Our Debt to the Catholic Church
Henry Graham (San Diego, CA: Catholic Answers, 1997)

Upon This Rock
Stephen K. Ray (San Francisco, CA: Ignatius Press, 1999)

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